H.T.P. S.r.l. is a dynamic company founded in 2003 that operates in the sectors of pneumatics, hydraulics and industrial automation. It produces a wide range of connectors from those for solenoid valves such as EN175301-803 (formerly DIN43650), to circular connectors such as M8, M12, 7/8 ", M23, passive distribution boxes and lately also industrial LEDs.

Thanks to the versatility that sets it apart, H.T.P. is able to constantly follow the evolution of the market by developing new key products such as, for example, energy-saving connectors, structured cabling solutions and Splitter that allow the end customer to save time in terms of wiring and therefore to build machinery in less time , managing to be more competitive than its competitors. With innovative technical solutions, unique and effective in reducing costs, it creates custom connectors (also customized with the customer's logo). Quality, reliability and flexibility make this company a partner you can trust and rely on.

H.T.P. has been a market leader for years:

  • of pneumatics being among the main suppliers of companies such as Metal Work, SMC, Camozzi, Parker, BOSCH and Pneumax
  • of hydraulics having among others, clients such as Duplomatic and Hydac
  • pressure switch manufacturers include Euroswitch, Trafag, Huba Control, Elettrotec, Ae.Cas, Suco and Fox.

Over the years it has sold its products in over sixty countries worldwide to top-level customers. The key concept of the company is to focus on the ability and experience of customized production to increase competitiveness.

Thanks to the consolidated technical expertise, custom connectors represent the best solution to non-standard needs: the design is shared with the customer and responds best to the specific requests. The main commercial advantages it is able to offer are:

  • excellent service and high quality of all products
  • competitive prices on the international market in relation to the entire product range

Who turns to H.T.P. instead of buying cable and products to be assembled, it receives the connectors already assembled with cables, lengths and dimensions that meet the required specifications. To guarantee all these services, it makes use of personnel capable of understanding the particular needs of each buyer to offer the specific product desired, all in a short time. Today H.T.P. is the market leader with its headquarters in Brembate di Sopra (BG), Italy, where it has over eight million pieces in stock. It also has a branch in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA, and one in Moscow, Russia, both with related sales offices and merchandise warehouses. All this allows Just-in-time and Kanban deliveries which guarantee confirmed lead-times without the risk of firm lines for customers. The production is located in China.

The organization of production, certified according to the ISO 9001 standard, takes place according to criteria that allow the achievement of a quality standard of the highest level. The quality control of every single finished product is carried out twice, in order to guarantee our customers an absolute quality. Being able to also have a department for the production of molds, H.T.P. has the ability to offer its customers: flexibility, competence and quality even in the development of custom products in very short times.

The various dislocations constitute a team able to absorb and respond to requests coming from the world of industrial production ever more in real time.

H.T.P. 是一家充满活力的公司,成立于2003年,从事气动,液压和工业自动化。

我公司生产各类应用于电磁阀的EN175301-803 连接器(曾经的DIN 43650连接器),M8,M12,M23 以及7 / 8圆形插头,分线盒和LED工业灯管。


H.T.P. 同时在美国新泽西州洛克威市和俄罗斯莫斯科市均设有分公司,并设有相关的分销办公室和仓库。